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Jefferey Posted 11/09/2014

Mrs. Bee is the BEST! Outstanding service, extremely informative, and more importantly great person. My fiancee surprised me with a massage for my birthday and Mrs.Bee made massages pretty cool. Her office setting is so calm and full of peace and tranquility. I will definitely continue to patronize her establishment and recommend friends and colleagues.

Chelsea Posted 03/20/2014

Ms. Bee was extremely informative with me, considering it was my first massage. I felt extremely comfortable with her and trusted her with my time and money! I am so relaxed after getting my massage this morning and wished I could go back daily!! Extremely happy with my experience!

Faith42 Posted 03/20/2014

If you would like to feel like you are in HEAVEN for an hour, please visit Birgit Christ Massage Therapy... Bee was GREAT!!!

Patricia Posted 12/01/2013

I started in November of this month with Mrs.Bee and was amazed in all she did for me. I have Facet Arthritis and she explained everything in detail on how to control my pain! I was very comfortable to discuss any issue with her :) I am so glad I found her and will continue to have her, help me get better.

Casey  Posted 11/13/2013

After completing my 13th marathon I contacted a woman who I had a fe sports massages from in the past, but she no longer lived nearby. Her best suggestion for me to find a quality massage therapist close to home was to use the massage referral service on the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional website. ( I did just that, and there were a handful therapist that showed up on the referral list, but thank gosh I blindly selected Birgit Christ, or Bee as she goes by, because I think I really lucked out finding her! I had a sports massage after my marathon, and she was beyond excellent. You can tell she is an athelete herself, and she is highly intelligent about muscles in the body-- and why they can cause you so much pain, if you abuse them like I have been doing. She taught me what I could do on my own, such as stretching, swimming and yoga to help prevent my muscles from becoming so damaged. All in all, I got a lot more out of the massage than just an amazing sports massage. I learned a lot about my muscles, and I cant wait to go back for my next sports massge...

Kathy Wilshire Posted 10/31/2013

I have had massages from several different people in the past; not anymore. Ms.Bee is the best. She helps me get through every month! If you have certain areas that are bothering you, she knows how to take care of it. I will go nowhere else! Kathy W.

Beverly Hewett  Posted on 02/11/13

Bee graciously scheduled a last minute appointment for a 2 week history of upper thigh pain, unrelieved by heat and anti-inflammatories. I literally limped into the appointment. Bee isolated the involved muscle and concentrated the massage to that specific area. She recommended icing, rather than heat. The next morning I was able to bear weight on the leg with only mild discomfort- a first in two weeks! Thank you so much

Elena      Posted on 02/08/13

I’m a marathon runner looking for that special massage therapist I can go to regularly. I’ve been through several massage therapists until a friend highly recommended Ms. Bee. If you want to experience the BEST MASSAGE EVER, Ms. Bee is the answer. NONE of therapist I went to measures up to her. My search is over. After each session, I’m feeling 200x better not only physically, but mentally. Massage sessions are AWESOME. She is very knowledgeable. I enjoy talking to her about health and fitness (especially after 40s). Her massages are a MUST HAVE part of my training routine. 

Ed and Kay   Posted on 02/07/13

I just had my 1st massage (after 55 years) with Bee. She put me at ease right up front! It was a great experience...I can t figure out why I waited so long to have a massage! I recommend Bee to anyone! I can t wait for the next appointment! Kay  

Maty       Posted on 01/30/13

Bee was so awesome! Not only did she make me feel at home right away and was very personable, but she worked wonders and completely worked the kinks I ve had for a year now! Definitely someone i want to return to and build that relationship with! The quality of get work is incomparable!

Emily  Posted on 01/29/13

Fabulous! Ms. Bee is very personable and friendly. She makes you feel very comfortable. The office is bright and airy. The office staff is friendly. The actual massage was great. Her technique is firm but not painful and the scrub and hot towels feel great. I highly recommend Ms. Bee!

Traci Hemminger  Posted on 10/30/12

Bee gives a great massage! She is very knowledgeable about good fitness, good nutrition and how to achieve overall homeostasis....I HIGHLY recommend her services.

Mandy   Posted on 10/23/12

Ms. Bee is wonderful! I have been going to her for about a year now, she is able to get problem areas out, but it is not painful. She is great at what she does, and more. Check her out!

Philip & Victoria     Posted on 09/23/12

Bee is amazing!! After being disappointed with many massage therapists in the past, I was hesitant. She really was in tune with my body and where I held my stress. I left relaxed and refreshed. Also, you can t beat her price!! Best value overall. Thanks Bee! 

Gabriela    Posted on 09/05/12

I don t have enough words to explain how good she is and how comfortable she makes you feel once you are in that table, she is a great massage therapist and I completely recommend Ms. Bee!!! Try it once and you will fall in love with her massages! :)

Nancy  Posted on 08/30/12 

Thanks Bee, for a wonderful massage and I loved getting to know you. I think you ll be seeing me a lot!!

Sladana Dekic  Posted on 08/22/12 

I had the most awesome time with Birgit. I really can t wait till our next session. Great massage therapy and inspiring company.

Angie    Posted on 08/15/12

I don t have the vocabulary to describe how I feel about Bee Christ! I consider myself a massage addict...having been to over 20 different therapists during my lifetime. Bee has taken over the top spot! She is now the BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST I have ever experienced! Personable, knowledgeable, kind, engaging...I have just talked my hubby s ear off about Bee . She will be going into my monthly budget. She s now a necessity for my overall well being!

Shunee  Posted on 08/11/12

I went to Bee today and the experience was great. Hour session and it just didn’t feel like enough. I would recommend her to anyone. It was great for relaxation and I will definitely be back

Nebtanhai  Posted on 08/09/12

Today was my first visit. I am so grateful she worked on me today. I had a lot of arm pain and I feel so much better now!

Daniel  Posted on 08/02/12

I have been going to Bee for over a year now and she is simply the best! She not only knows about relaxation, she knows the science behind muscles and joints. After every massage I feel refreshed and fantastic. I cannot recommend her enough!

Aaron F  Posted on 07/28/12

The massage I experienced from Ms. Bee was absolutely wonderful. She surely knows how to make you feel relaxed and provide a wonderful experience while keeping it very professional. I m lucky to have linked up with her because not only does she give great massages but is also knowledgable in the areas of fitness which I hope to take off in my personal career one day. Class act A+.

Rea  Posted on 06/03/12
Yesterday was my first visit Brigit is very professional and personable. I look forward to my next visit. 
EarlC   Posted on 04/30/12
I have only had a few massages... Since experiencing Ms. Bee s amazing skill I am hooked. Her technical knowledge along with her caring hands will provide all the healing and relaxation you need. Do YOUR BODY and MIND a favor, go see Ms. Bee 
Yvette   Posted on 04/12/12
I have to say, Ms. Bee is by far the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. The atmosphere and aromas in her massage area are very relaxing and calming. Bee has a way of making you feel like you are her most important client. She listens to your needs and pays special attention to your trouble areas without taking away from the quality of your full body message. Each time I leave her office, I feel extremely relaxed and always looking forward to my next session. I give her a Triple A Plus. Give her a try, you won t regret it. You will be hooked on massages after your first visit
Dana  Posted on 04/12/12
Bee is AWESOME! I have to say that I have never had such a great massage. Not only that, but Bee has a special way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed before she ever starts working her magic. If you haven t given her a try, you certainly need to. You will come out feeling like a million bucks and you will certainly go back to experience her majic again. Thanks, Bee for being so awesome. I feel so much better and I can t wait to come back and have my second session. You made me realize how important some me time is and you will always be a part of my me time. You re awesome and your hands are purely magical! Go see Bee today! You won t have any regrets!
  • Bee is wonderful!! I will absolutely be visiting her again. She is very professional and made me feel comfortable immediatey. She has the perfect touch!!!
  • Posted on 03/09/12
    Oh my goodness!!!!! I feel like a thousand percent better today after my massage last night with Ms. Bee!!!! Went in with an achy hip walked out rested, relaxed and good bye pain!!! Want an awesome massage - Ms. Bee is the one for you!!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Posted on 03/08/12
    You will not find a better massage therapist! Bea really cares about every one of her customers. She custom fits her treatment to what her customers need individually not just a routine treatment. Bea is very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body and what it takes to heal. She goes above and beyond to make sure she is educated with her profession, as well as, keeping up with new technology.
    Bee Christ is an excellent massage therapist! She is very professional, knowledgeable and caring! I have chronic back pain and I always leave her massage table relaxed and more rejuvenated than when I started! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful person as Bee to help me get back to my old self!
    4 months
  • BRIAN   Posted on 03/07/12
    WOW That s all I can say she is the best ever.If you like a good massage no not good GREAT massage you need to go see Bee she is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Randy   Posted on 03/05/12
    Absolutely the best therapeutic massage I’ve ever had. I would recommend Bee to anyone seeking a professional masseuse. I have had aches and pains from working on cars all day for years. I never felt much relief from any therapy in the past. My wife gave me a coupon for a session with Bee for Christmas this past year. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I now see Bee on a regular basis, and it makes an incredible difference in my mobility and daily comfort level.
  • BelindaD  Posted on 02/12/12
    Excellent massage therapist! I would recommend to anyone, especially if they have body aches and pains. I will be returning. Bee is very knowledgeable and spent time explaining her approach to me!
  • Colin  Posted on 02/11/12
    Bee is an excellent massage therapist! I've had a lot of sessions over the past three years and within a very short time I knew I was in good hands, she's definitely among the very best in the Dallas area. Also the room is fantastic, relaxing decor & atmosphere with lots of room. Bee sincerely listens to you to find out exactly where your problem areas are so she can zero in on them. And she's just an awesome person. Her session was a birthday gift from my sister in law, thanks sis :). Thanks again Bee for your excellent customer service, will be back soon.
  • Bear  Posted on 01/25/12
    I would recommend Bee to anyone.She is defintely knowledgeable of the body and is concerned about your body.She is a great person and will help you in anyway she can. I had never had a massage until i bought one off living social from her and now she is the bomb for me. She will make you laugh and talk with as if she has known you forever. Thank you Miss Bee you are so awesome!!!!!
  • Van  Posted on 01/25/12
    Thanks to my stressful life, I not only love getting massages, I NEED to get massages! But, it can be a challenge to find a massage therapist who can give you what your body needs in a way you like. I have finally found that person here in Arlington - Birgit Christ! Her knowledge of the body and the proper techniques necessary to relax it was very impressive! She is also fun to talk to and really listens to what you have to say! I plan to go back as often as my bank account allows!
  • Posted on 01/24/12
    Very enjoyable experience. I will return again. Very relaxing and Bee is easy to talk to.
    • Posted on 01/23/12
      I'm new to the massage world. My shoulders were aching from all the stress in 2011 and I needed a good therapist to work out all the tension. After 90 minutes, I felt extremely relaxed. I would highly recommend Bee. Not only does she know how to massage, she's fun to talk to if you can stay awake. : )
    • Posted on 01/22/12
      Excellent experience! Bee was awesome and made sure the message was catered to your needs! I will return!!!!
    • Posted on 01/08/12
      Bee is a very knowledgeable masseuse, and a great human being. I've been going to Bee for nearly a year now, and have been really happy with her. She is attentive to my particular aches/pains/needs of the day and doesn't just go through the motions. She's entertaining as well, so be ready for a little laughter along with a massage.
    • Posted on 01/06/12
      My massage with Miss Bee was wonderful,the environment is relaxed and super cozy. Miss Bee hands are like magic, I keep alot of tension in my neck and shoulders she was able to relieve all of it, and helped decrease my headaches. I would highly recommend Bee to anyone. Her attentive and warm personality and spirit also helped me to be more comforatable and enjoy my massage.Miss Bee is also very up to date and knowledegable with massage and techniques. Im very impressed with her variety of massages she offers.She addresses your concerns or trouble spots, gives suggestion on ways to feel better beyond the massage. Miss Bee is definately a KEEPER!
    • Posted on 01/05/12
      If you want to slip away from the world and forget why you became tense in the first place, visit Bee. Her scents, her hands, and her chatter will engage you and allow you to forget the things that are troubling you. For a little while you can relax and enjoy. An hour well spent!
    • Posted on 01/02/12
      Bee was fantastic! Very relaxing and wonderful results. Im looking forward to my next 1 hour treatment!
    • Posted on 12/08/11
      My massage with Brigitt was extremely relaxing. She was very professional, & I walked away feeling fabulous & relaxed. Definitely worth a return visit.
    • Posted on 12/07/11
      If you thought you had a great massage, you have not been to Miss Bee. She is professional and very knowledgeable about the body and how to help it to stay in good shape. Bee is there to seriously take care of your body's structural needs and not just a rub down. I am a regular client and at 65, it has been a long while since I have felt this good.Thanks Bee, see you soon.l


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